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World Edtech Startup Challenge Application Guidelines

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Santander Universities, Global Disability Innovation Hub and UCL Edtech Labs’ Global Edtech Startup Challenge ‘22 is open for applications from 1 July to 18 July.

UCL Edtech Labs’, in collaboration with Global Disability Innovation Hub and supported by Santander Universities have launched World Edtech Startup Challenge ‘22. A prize giving competition to help find the most promising edtechs with a vision to impact inclusive education for the better. With this competition Santander Universities, Global Disability Innovation Hub or UCL Edtech Lab is not a awarding grant or making capital investment in the winning business, this is a prize giving competition where the prize is a cash award of £15,000.

Santander Universities, Global Disability Innovation Hub and UCL Edtech Labs’ World Edtech Startup Challenge ‘22 uses an online application process for your submission. Please visit the Santander Universities website here to apply:

On the Santander website you can: access the application form, save your draft and return to it at any time while the competition is open [confirm this is true]. This application form is supplied by Santander.

The following information is guidance about the application process and our FAQs to understand to help guide your submission.

You can email us with general questions about the competition at

Santander Universities, Global Disability Innovation Hub and UCL Edtech Lab’s World Edtech Startup Challenge ‘22 has a three stage application process. Access to Stage 2 is by invitation only, following successful application Stage 1. Stage 3 will require finalists to present their edtech product abd business to a panel of judges during a final pitching event. Details to be supplied to finalists successful in Stage 2. Assessment at each stage is undertaken by a panel of judges that represents Santander Universities, Global Disability Innovation Hub and UCL Edtech Lab and edtech industry expertise. Final decisions for who is awarded the prizes are made by UCL Edtech Labs.

To be eligible to apply, you must submit your online application 18 July 2022, 23:59 British Summer Time. Please note that we do not accept late applications and if you are experiencing technical problems during your submission we must be alerted to the problem. If this happens you must email before the competition deadline on 8 July 2022, 23:59 BST.

Applications to this competition will be judged based on criteria set out in the Assessors guidelines, and will focus on how well the project aligns to UCL Edtech Labs’ mission to improve education for all. If you are successful in Stage 1 applicants will be notified around 22 July 2022 and invited to participate in a semifinal pitching session before finalists are chosen to participate in the final pitching session. Unsuccessful candidates will also be notified, but unfortunately due to the expected volume of submissions individual feedback about your application cannot be provided.

For Stage 2, the “semifinals” will be a live virtual pitch detailing your impact vision, business model, technology innovation, and route to market. You will have a maximum time of 5 minutes plus a judges Q&A. The semifinals will be held on 27 and 28 July 2022. Times to be confirmed, as we will try our best to accommodate multiple timezones.

The final pitching event date will be advised during Stage 2.

UCL Edtech Labs will reach the final decision during the final event.

If you are successful, during Stage 1 and Stage 2, representatives of Santander Universities, Global Disability Innovation or UCL Edtech Labs may wish to have follow up conversations with you about your business and where there could be opportunities available in the future. If you are not interested in this, please make this clear in the body of your application.

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