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let's make education better
by making better edtech
Our accelerator is now accepting applications.

Our London programme will have 20 early-stage startups building products that are aiming to innovate learning or teaching. Our programme is  equity free and requires no payment, thanks to the support of Santander Universities. In-person attendance is required for 3-days during our 3-month programme: 22 November '22, 11 January and 20 March '23.

Our programmes trains in evidence-based entrepreneurial practices, using methods developed at the University College London and perfected through hundreds of entrepreneurs.
We will guide you through our powerful and effective methodology to build successful edtech startups as well as introduce you to the most suitable expert mentors.

Program benefits

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Our 3-month journey of training and mentorship from world-leading researchers and highly experienced mentors in education technology. All delivered in a mix of live workshops and online training


We never ask for equity to join any of our programs so you retain control of your business. We are a non-profit program, created to bring about positive change to our ecosystems 


Every member has access to a million dollars worth of free and discounted services that are hand picked to help businesses scale

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Our experts are from the leading organisations and institutions with unrivalled levels of understanding in the learning and technology sectors 


We have cultivated an online and real life community of peers happy to share their knowledge and support you during and after your journey in our program

Accelerator journey

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Step 1


You will be introduced to your peers and the experts you will meet during your journey to lift-off! Our induction is the first of many networking opportunities, the perfect melting-pot of the world's best talent. 

Step 2


You will learn a method already tried and tested by 400 founders. We train you on ways to scale and build impactful products. Our learning blueprint is a mix of entrepreneurial and educational research training.

Step 3


Our mentors will provide you with coaching and support to make the right decisions, boosting your chances of success. We recommend regular one-to-ones with our world-leading experts to ensure our training methods are applied in the right way. 

Step 4


You will be given the opportunity to showcase your vision and business to our ecosystem of investors, philanthropists, policy makers and senior strategic partners. Our demo day presentations are the best in the industry!


We continue to provide support, guidance and mentorship to all our alumni and expect the same from you. You will continue to have access to our network and expect  you to support those who go after you.


curriculum overview

Vision, Mission & Purpose
When entering the world of entrepreneurship, we often hear the words Vision, Mission and Purpose. But what do they actually mean, how are they different and why are they important? 
Business modelling

& customer development

Our business modelling approach provides you with the tools to grow a sustainable education technology business by ensuring you have the best product-market fit
Education technology research methods & ethics

You will be given an overview of research methods in the learning sciences, in order to understand the best way to start proving and improving your product 

You will hear about the funding journey of experienced edtech entrepreneurs to understand the options for you, while learning the ways a successful startup raises money

You'll learn how to successfully communicate with strong positioning and a clear narrative.Whether pitching for investment, selling to potential clients or presenting at an event.

cohort partners


Product, Growth and Impact - Together, we will bring the renowned expertise of the faculty to the learning innovation space.

Many essential technologies originated from studies and work at UCL, including the rapid production of vaccines, fibre-optic communications (for which a share of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded) and the Internet infrastructure.

While the research addresses society's most important challenges and their teaching inspires leading-edge research and knowledge creation.

Centre for digital innovation CDI logo.png

Technology & Growth - A premium global innovation hub for startups, corporations, and individuals seeking innovation and accelerated growth.


Our relationship with the CDI means we can offer a clear path to technological support as part of their impact accelerator.


Network & Resources - Our partnership opens up two way opportunities to help entrepreneurs build the next generation of online learning, analytics, and management solutions.

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Support & Network - Our partnership means we can offer 5 full and 15 partial scholarships to the UK's most exciting entrepreneurs.

Santander will also provide links to their large network of experts in finance and other entrepreneurs.

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