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As part of our commitment to help the EdTech sector become more research-informed, we've created a number of easy-to-read research resources to improve education and learning. We regularly publish new summaries of research on topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Wellbeing, and Motivation in Learning. 


When developing health-related educational technology or interventions to improve wellbeing, designers and educational technologists should consider multiple complexities, including the challenges related to measuring wellbeing while conducting research.

Artificial Intelligence in Education

To understand AI, and reap the potential of AI for society, we need to be able to identify the difference between AI and Human Intelligence. In addition, since our students and children will experience the greatest impact of AI - both from an employment perspective, but also from cultural and sociological perspectives - we need to evaluate how AI impacts education.

Motivation, Feedback & Mindset

When developing and using educational digital environments, it is important to consider the conditions that are known to promote learning. Exploring the constructs of motivation, feedback and mindset in education helps to understand how edtech products and services might be enhanced.

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